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"As we move through life we are presented with unexpected challenges that are often difficult to face alone. In those circumstances, having someone in your corner that can take an object view and provide advice that is best for YOU is critical. In my circumstance my divorce was very unexpected and had the potential to be devastating to me financially and emotionally. What was critical in the process of divorce was the realization that a sound quality of life post divorce was essential. Throughout the process Cindy and Melanie kept me focused on that goal. It was important that I be able to continue being the father I was used to being and that I retained a solid foundation from which to rebuild the rest of my life. Instead of racking up hours and driving up costs, they provided me with a view of all the options and let me make the decisions, all the while reminding me of potential circumstances of my decisions before we acted. The legal aspects of divorce can be intimidating and at times flat out scary but I was confident throughout because I knew that Cindy and Melanie were watching out for me and my children more than they were their billing hours. In the end, yes I am still divorced and that is rarely fun, but life is good now and I can't imagine how much worse my life and more importantly my children's lives would be if I hadn't had Cindy and Melanie on my side." Jeff M.